Sunday, September 27, 2009

Traditional Cretan Dancing: The Pentozalis

One of the most enjoyable things about having a blog is finding new topics to learn about and then share. Archaeology Magazine's website directed me to this video on YouTube showing The Labrys Dance Group performing the Pentozalis, a traditional war dance done on Crete. It is believed that this danced descended from a much earlier Minoan or Kourite version where the dancers were protecting Zeus from his father Cronus.

The dance is traditionally high-spirited and involves very timed rhythmic movements accompanied by jumping. Men and women both perform this dance, though men are able to move much more freely in trousers and thus handle the more high-energy portions of the dance.

View The Labrys Dance Group's presentation of the Pentozalis here.

View information on the Pentozalis and other traditional Cretan dances on the Cretan Music website here.

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