Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Intute Virtual Training Suites - Free Online Research Education

One of the most confusing and difficult aspects of research is finding exactly what you are looking for. With the explosion of web-based content, thousands (if not millions) of scholarly journals that can be difficult to access, and limited funds, researching can be a frustrating endeavor and one that leaves many people from pursuing their dreams. While researching learning opportunities in archaeology (a field that sadly my university did not have), I stumbled across the Intute Virtual Training Suite: Internet for Archaeology. This tutorial, which takes an average of an hour, is designed to teach the budding archaeology student how to perform research online. Written by lecturers and librarians in the UK, it's designed to take you from start to finish. It also includes a current list of resources for the archaeology student, and encourages you to click on them and create a "link basket" for future use.

For those who are not interested in archaeology, but would benefit from some modern day research training (short of going into an ancient library with a candle), there are approximately 60 other research tutorials to take advantage of.

Best of all? It's a free learning opportunity. To visit the Internet for Archaeology tutorial, click here. To choose another tutorial, click here.

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