Thursday, November 12, 2009

Michigan State University Threatens to Remove Classics

On October 30th, Kim Wilcox, provost of MSU recommended the elimination of the Classics Department at MSU in a "focused budget reduction". The Classics Department isn't the only department on the hit list, and as the letter reads "as many as 30 academic majors, specializations and other programs could be affected". This is only one of many higher learning institutions to make these kinds of reductions, but the hit to the Classical education, and to arts and humanities in general, is one that sadly, many people are starting to become all too familiar with. Classical Studies have long helped students and non-students alike gain a fundamental foundation for understanding the modern world through analytical thinking, philosophy, art and language skills. As a side note, if MSU removes its Classics Department, it will be the only one of the Big Ten without a Classical Education. It will also lose a department that makes it able to stand toe-to-toe with other notable universities around the world.

An online petition is going strong. Sign it to show your support by clicking here.

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