Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Live Like a Hamster in Nantes, France

When I travel, I like to eschew the traditional American idea of staying in a hotel in favor of renting an apartment, or better yet, staying in a bed and breakfast. Bed and breakfasts let me absorb the spirit of a place, taste the flavor of a culture through their cooking, and experience the owners' excitement to show me their city. It's a far cry from a lot of hotels which can seem too clean and where I am just a nameless face.

A hotel in Nantes, France, however, may just change my view on hotels. Focusing on human affection for the cuddly hamster, the owners of this hotel have decided to let their guests experience a different type of flavor: the life of a hamster. Living in a room designed to mimic a hamster cage, guests eat grains, sleep on straw, and even have a wheel to run on. What's more, is guests can participate in all of this activity complete with fuzzy hamster hat.

Check out a short article on the hamster hotel on metro.co.uk here.

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