Sunday, June 19, 2011

Change in Me, Change in My Blog

When I first set up this blog, my intent was to connect with the world along the lines of mythology, writing, fantasy/sci-fi/YA literature, gaming, and anywhere else my soul decided to trek. When I lost my son Alistair just over a year ago on June 5th due to a stricture in the umbilical cord, I changed. How could I not? I can't say that I've had much more luck concentrating through the past year, and two more losses (early miscarriages), but one of the things that has struck me in the past couple of weeks is that I have gotten off my original path. It's only through the love I have for my three children, and the gifts they gave me when they came into my life, and when they departed that I think I've finally found my way back. I've spent so much of my time trying to figure out how to blog about my trek without bringing them up, in the event that I may offend someone. But I've realized that they are so deeply a part of me, that the only way I can blog, and write, is with their spirits watching over me.

So let me reintroduce myself. I am a writer, and an author of Gorgon-zola!, for which I am seeking an agent. I am a voracious reader of fantasy, sci-fi, young adult, and whatever else strikes my fancy, and I am always looking for recommendations, so send them my way! I am an unabashed video gamer and board gamer. I am a black belt in martial arts, both karate and kobudo. I love to travel around the world and try to flee the country once a year to do just that, limited vacation time and funds, my only barrier. I love Greek and Roman mythology, and its influence is seen in almost every aspect of my life. I garden, I walk my adorable beagle Cosmo, and I love to play tennis. I am a wife to my loving husband of almost nine years, and yes, I am a three-time baby loss mommy.

Be prepared for book reviews, for knowledge of contests out there, and for postings of my own writing. Be prepared for nods to other authors and writers that I think you should read too, and people you should follow on Twitter. Be prepared for posts about trips I've taken, things I've seen, and things I think you should see too. Be prepared for posts on mythology, recipes I've tried, and things that make me laugh.

Welcome to where my soul trek has taken me now. Welcome to my new home.

And may anyone reading my blog who has experienced the loss of a child, know that my heart is with you.

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