Friday, June 19, 2009

The Awakening by Kelley Armstrong

The second book in her YA Darkest Power series, The Awakening picks up where The Summoning left off, without a lot of backstory. Betrayed by Chloe's Aunt Lareun, she and her friends have been recaptured by The Edison Group. The group genetically experiments on supernatural teenagers, and it is during this stay that they learn that they are failed genetic experiments with powers that may or may not be able to be controlled. Through a series of teenage relationship posturing and bickering, including another betrayal and an unlikely friend, Choe escapes to be reunited with her friends Derek and Simon. This second book, obviously a middle book in the series, is their attempt to reach a safe haven in the boys' fathers' friend, Andrew.

One of the more unique qualities of The Darkest Powers series, as well as Armstrong's adult series Women of the Otherworld, is her ability to humanize the supernatural, which also extends to demons and necromancers. As a young necromancer, it would be easy to discount Chloe as a freak of nature, but Armstrong does a remarkable job of pulling the reader into Chloe's head and letting the reader feel her anguish and fear as she comes to grips with her powers.

If you are interested in the paranormal/fantasy genres, pick up a copy of The Summoning, Armsrong's first book in this series. After reading two of them, the series promises to be a fun romp through supernatural-dom.

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