Friday, June 19, 2009

Vienna's Globe Museum & the Strange Maps Blog

I've always been a fan of cartography in all its forms, especially the intrinsic beauty in old globes around the world. This fascination once led me to the only globe museum in the world. Located in Vienna, Austria, it has over two hundred globes on display as well as a couple of hundred other assorted objects related to globes (armillar spheres, planetaria, and telluria). The main focus, however, is the joint creation of terrestrial and celestial globes made before 1850. In 2005, the museum moved to the Palais Mollard in Herrengasse. The price is only five euros, and if you are interested in ancient map-making, the museum is not to be missed. Sadly, however, no photos are allowed. More information on the Globe Museum can be found at their website.

Speaking of maps, the creator of the Strange Maps Blog, has a sit, Strange Maps, Globe Museum, Austria, Vienna, The Map Room, Where to Goplethora of assorted maps from around the world. From maps delineating how many people in Ireland speak English, to maps of shipwrecks along the Atlantic Ocean coastline, there is a map for every occasion here. Visit the Strange Maps Blog here.

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