Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Buried Pyramid by Jane Lindskold

In a shift from her Wolf series, Jane Lindskold's Buried Pyramid reads like a adventure story: a warning is given (several, in fact), but the heroes plunge ahead, dubious of the threat's veracity and determined to discover a long lost archaeological secret, the buried pyramid (resting place) of Pharoah Neferankhotep.

The heroine is young Genevieve Benet (Jenny) whose parents have recently passed on, leaving her in her uncle's less than capable hands. As a British archaeologist, her uncle is far more concerned with retracing the path to lead to this great treasure, unsure if he seeks its treasure, or just the fame to follow. He grudgingly agrees to take his niece to Egypt where they are followed by the beautiful, cunning and dastardly Lady Cheshire.

The book alternately takes place in Victorian England and Egypt, and the historical details are near flawless. Twists and turns abound, as well as a brilliantly researched and integrated grasp of Egyptian mythology into this setting. Lindskold spares no detail, and infuses old morals with humor - Jenny is, of course, shamed away from wearing trousers, and yet, she is a product of the Wild Wild West with a sharp-tongued American mouth and guns on her hips. She's an enchanting addition to the other three scholarly and potentially stuffy British men without her company.

The group finds that the legend of the good king
Neferankhotep may be truer than they thought and it's secrets are guarded by a secret society reminiscent of something from The DaVinci Code. The group will be judged, not only by themselves for their ability to find the tomb, but by something far greater, and they might just learn something about themselves in return.

Lindskold's writing is as crisp as usual, and one cannot help but become embroiled in her character's struggles. As usual, romance doesn't play a strong part in her novels, but if you are looking for a good read, full of action, intrigue, and history, take a chance with The Buried Pyramid. Not only will you enjoy the read, but you'll learn something too.

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