Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Where I'd Like to Go: Antarctica's "Blood Falls"

I've barely scratched the surface of the Earth for places that I'd like to see before I die, but as I hunt around the internet for new experiences, I thought I'd post some of the more awe-inspiring and ones that make me want to run screaming from cubicle-land and into the next adventure.

Unfortunately I don't know much about Antarctica, other than it's home to ice, and lots of it. Apparently, however, it's also home to "Blood Falls", an underground iron-rich lake that occasionally makes its way to the surface, appearing to bleed through the ice. A new study has found microbes living in this most inhospitable of climates, and some hope that it may be a precursor to finding life under icecaps on Mars and Europa.

See a picture of this beautiful phenomenon, as well as learn a little more on Discover Magazine's 80beats blog here.

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