Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Anglo Saxons Get A-Head

Typically when one reads a story about Vikings, the story is about the poor village/town/community that was ransacked, razed, pillaged (need I continue?). This archaeological discovery caught my attention because here, the victims are the Vikings themselves, in fact, young men around 20-30 years old. Even more notable than their age is the fact that they are all missing their heads.

According to BBC News, "Archaeologists from Oxford believe the men were probably executed by local Anglo Saxons in front of an audience sometime between AD 910 and AD 1030." There are fifty-one of these skeletons so far, and with that, it makes it one of the largest mass burials of executed foreigners. They were discovered in Weymouth Ridgeway, where Anglo Saxons were increasingly at the mercy of the Vikings.

Apparently they found a way to stand together and remove the threat.

Read the full story here.

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