Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where I'd Like to Go: Arizona's "The Wave"

A product of wind, rain and time, "The Wave" is located close to where Arizona and Utah meet. Made of sandstone, and incredibly fragile, the rock itself seems to undulate and shift like the ocean. This is one of the rare places where earth and water are one. The trek to find The Wave is what draws hikers to this location from all around the world. Only twenty permits per day are given out for the privilege, ten by reservation, and ten by lottery that morning. For those who succeed in getting a permit, it is a three mile hike each way across open desert with a 350 foot climb. There is no formal trail to The Wave, and many of those who gain permits, never actually find it. Something to check off of my list indeed.
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  1. The Wave is amazing, it's one of the craziest natural formations I know of! I just made a photo post about The Wave on my blog, Beautiful Places to Visit, you should check it out: The Wave, Coyote Buttes, Arizona, United States