Sunday, November 14, 2010

Goblin Valley State Park

When people visit Utah, the magnificent canyons of Bryce and Zion spring to mind. On a recent visit, however, I discovered the many hidden treasures of mid-south Utah, one of them called Goblin Valley State Park. Located in Emery County, between Green River and Hanksville, this is a secluded hideaway for some of the more unusual rock formations in Utah. It was designated a state park in 1964, and for only $7, it is well worth the look.

The first thing you'll notice upon entry is the signs that say "No Bicycling in the Goblins". This gave my husband and I quite a chuckle. Yet, I can see how it would present a danger to tourists. There are hundreds of these rock formations, and Goblin Valley
is the perfect place to play hide-and-seek, with or without children. Although they dissuade people from climbing the goblins, I don't think I viewed a single person not on a goblin at some point in time. Whether trying to get a better view, taking a moment to meditate, or posing, this is a place that inspires you to clamber on top of these ancient rocks.

This is a place that lets you find your inner child.

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