Friday, November 5, 2010

Changing Education's Paradigms

Most of us who are reading this blog right now have been molded from the "traditional" method of education. You are sent to school with those children your own age, taught the same things, all while sitting at a desk, and hoping not to fall asleep when you are (un)lucky enough to have a teacher whose monotonous voice drones on like the teacher from the Charlie Brown cartoons.

Sir Ken Robinson, a public speaker, is passionate about changing that paradigm.

Arguing that this type of educational system came out of the age of industry, he argues that we are categorizing people into smart and stupid - those who are able to stand the rigors of our current education system, and those who are not. Not only is this video fascinating to listen to, but it is expertly illustrated by an artist with a dry erase marker as Robinson gives his lecture. The one thing that Robinson's talks are missing is exactly how we should change our system. Perhaps that is a topic he feels should be taken up by others, or perhaps at a later date.

However, whether or not you have an idea of your own, give the video a watch. When you find yourself nodding your head in agreement, perhaps you will find the spark of passion inside yourself to pursue a long-buried dream.

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