Friday, March 23, 2012

Geek & Nerd Gift Websites for Babies & Toddlers

Every time I go into Babies R Us (which isn't a whole lot, since that store only reminds me of my son), I'm reminded that they really don't have a good selection for the geek mom. They have the typical baby outfits, the outfits full of pink ruffles and/or sports motifs, both of which I am terrified will end up in this house by someone well-meaning. Anything with a dragon or Star Trek? Forget it. They have typical baby toys, things that teach your mini-me to stack up blocks that are made of plastic with "A" is for apple, but where is "A" is for astronaut or atom or Alien? It's hard to find outfits and toys for baby that are uniquewithout scouring the web, so I have done some of that for you. Check out these fun items and stores for your own geek baby or a geek baby that is due soon to one of your friends.

hcards @ ThinkGeek
Who doesn't want to dress up their little munchkin in support of all things Trekkie-dom? ThinkGeek o
ffers these in different colors (depending on what your little one will do on the ship, of course) and
has a plethora of oth
er fun geek and nerd baby and toddler fun to check out. And stuff for you too, of course! Don't forget The Baby Owner's Manual!

Etsy is a haven for geek gear made by
people who are much craftier than I am. This one functions as beautiful art work and everyone who comes to see the baby can have all of the stats without having t
o ask!

This site has a ton of unique punk, goth, geek, and monster related goodies for your infant or toddler. They even have diaper bags and maternity wear!

This site goes through CafePress which means if you like this design for your baby and you want a matching one for you, you're all set! Adorable and sassy onesies and bibs and shirts abound!

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