Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Pregnancy "Advice Zone" - The Epidural

Once you reach a certain point in your pregnancy, the horror stories and advice start emerging. A baby loss mom takes this in a much different light. With all of the people out there trying to convince me of the horrors of labor, I'd like to remind them that I have been through labor, and what I have been through is far more horrible than anything they encountered. I was told that my son "may come out in pieces", and I was told that they could not help, he was breech, and then I was wheeled out of Labor & Delivery with empty arms. Now while I am aware that there are further horrors in the delivery room, none can compare to that type of experience.

One of the biggest topics to open Been There Done That Mommy's mouths, is when I mention that I am going natural. I do not want an epidural. I do not want a needle put into my spine, no matter how small. I'm not doing this for a medal, I'm not doing this to compare myself to my friend who is happily getting an epidural (and I am happy that she knows what she wants and is going for it), I'm doing this for me. For me, this is a rite of passage and something I need to do for myself. You would think that's all that needed to be said, but people still find a way to offer their unsolicited opinions.

So I've come up with a solution:

For anyone who tells me that I will end up with an epidural and fail at my natural birth plan, I'd like $20 please. Please put your money where your mouth is. I would be happy to take that money and put it in my child's college savings fund because apparently you don't know how stubborn I am, or how serious I am. With as many people who have made this comment to me so far, I'm pretty sure I will earn at least a few hundred dollars for my child's education.

Sounds like a good start to me.

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