Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Who Designs Baby Gear Anyway?!

My little rainbow is 3 1/2 months, I can't believe it.  I also can't believe how easy I thought it would be to update my blog, cook dinner, and clean the house all while having a baby who sleeps happily in her crib for naps.  This hasn't happened.  Instead, my little girl wants to cuddle non stop, and while this would cause a lot of stress for some, for me?  I'm in heaven.  

However, I do have some gripes.  Not about the typical lack of sleep - no, that I welcome, because it means I brought my baby home.  My gripes are about baby gear.  Who designs this stuff anyway?

First, let's talk onesies/one-pieces/bodysuits.  These are designed to be worn solo, or with a cute pair of pants so that my little girl looks like she's wearing adult clothes.  Putting pants on is not a foreign concept, and obviously pants will come up to the waist. So why do some of the designs go so low?  For example, my daughter's adorable lime green onesie with a turquoise whale and pink hearts ends up looking like a crocodile when she wears pants, with only an eye sticking up from above the waist line.  Or am I mistaken?  Perhaps she is meant to wear her pants as hip huggers at such an early age?  Take a look at this monkey.  That tail is a goner.

Second, let's talk socks.  I know that her socks will inevitably end up getting lost or eaten by the washing machine, so I bought a lot.  But they won't stay on.  Ever.  First I thought it was just the booties.  But then I noticed that with any degree of squirming (and she squirms a lot!) the socks slip down and then with one well-timed squirm, off they go.  This wasn't a problem in summer, but now that we're approaching fall?  She's going to get cold.  Can we make baby socks a little higher please?

Third, let's talk burp cloths.  Again, babies drool, spit, throw up, and emit many types of liquids.  And when they're teething, they drool.  A lot.  So who came up with these small and dainty burp cloths that are good for one swipe of the mouth?  I end up having to use four a day.  Don't get me started on bibs...

It's not like babies haven't been around for a long time.  And it's not like I'm picking on some brand new baby item that everyone has to have.  These are items that babies have been using for a long time.  So let's see some changes!

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